in neutral


    cutest thing i've seen in a while. as you all know i love simple looks ♥

sheer black

    mihara yasuhiro



    easy breezy...this is perfection.

summer uniform / j brand giveaway

    J Brand shorts /Obesity + Speed tee / thrifted bra /Dolce Vita wedges

    this is my casual summer uniform! nothing better for these hot days right now in NYC.
    the shorts are super cute + super comfortable.
    the sheer tee helps me stay cool + love that i can show off this cute leopard bra!
    the wedges. know i love wedges, haha
    they remind me of these givenchy ones i posted awhile back.
    there is a reason why they so are hard to hunt down.

    anyway, i adore these J Brand shorts so much + thought you guys would too! so...
    REVOLVE and i are hosting a J Brand giveaway!! these shorts can be yours too!

    in order to win the J Brand shorts, you need to:

    - become a facebook fan of REVOLVE: click HERE
    - become a facebook fan of J Brand: click HERE
    - leave me a comment with your email + with a link of your favorite J Brand item on REVOLVE.
    - click HERE to pick your favorite J Brand item to link.

    the giveaway ends July 12th. GOOD LUCK!


    giveaway ended July 12th...winner will be announced soon!!

add red

    ELLE serbia

    such a quirky mix!

and another one...


    another closet i'd love to raid.
    i really appreciate the simplicity of this, along with the neutral colors.



sunnies + puppies

    got these f21 sunglasses a few weeks ago. i'm obsessed!
    i set the sunglasses on the corner of the bed to shoot them + i immediately had company, lol.
    i swear they put themselves like that! jiji + alvy have to be involved in everything!
    ♥ them + these sunglasses!
    doesn't jiji look killer?! hahahaha

graphic arts

    amica italy

summer breeze

lilac lips

    vogue china



clean + clear

    marieclaire korea


alison ♥


    robert harper

lavender + skin

    vogue paris + muse



    ♥ my readers!
    kisses to you allllllllllll ♥

all on

    contributing editor

blue ribbon




luck be a lady

    unknown :/

    p.s. designers + DIYers:
    my friend just helped launch EzTextiles!
    five years coming it's the world's largest online library of
    production-ready, royalty-free digital textile designs
    check it out! i know she'd appreciate it ♥

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