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My Closet, Your Closet, Her Closet...

    What would any lady, that has style, should have in her closet? Apart from the inevitable white shirt, classic jeans, black simple heels, Chanel set, a favorite jacket (without which we can not, for all the good!), with time we have created extravagant, sophisticated or chic needs as a consequence of trying to be different, and keep self-consistency.
    In addition to your favorite wine, gynecologist, delicious cakes, phone, well-straight closet, notebook, agenda, hairdresser, favorite flowers (mine are Kala and yellow roses!) and flower shop, here's what we still need...

    Pertly short skirt or dress...
    New era for jeans! Torn jeans or look like your boyfriend...

    We need a lot of high heels but different colors!
    Really huuuuge bag
    Beautiful coctail ring
    Large scarf

    Print type of clothes
    Long gloves
    Fur! Required.

    Some gorgeous clutch
    Over sized sunglasses
    Some incredible blazer-jacket, you can wear with everything
    Spectacularly necklace
    My choice for 'Wide Leg' look
    Thin belt
    Adorable hat, huge of course
    Oh, yes, you need tie like this!
    Flowers on the shoes, handbag, clothes. My choice is a flower in the hair.
    Harem pants
    Simple, lovely maxi dress
    Some detail on your head
    Something unique!
    Piyama for daily dose of glamour
    Boysfriend'd shirt as your dress
    Longer cardigan
    Yes, you probably have a black leather jacket, but you need one more, in some fresh color
    Cigarette pant
    Jewel clothing
    Between boots and shoes
    Sailor look with stripes
    One awesome dress you'll never wear
    Vintage dress
    Nude shoes, you can wear it with everything!
    The perfect winter coat
    Novelty purse
    Something from Lacroix, for example - Lace, as clothes or just like a detail
    Chic tunic
    And, some gorgeous gown...

    Enjoy, darlings!

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